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2006 Harley Sportster (motorcycle sale)

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Reported on: Thursday, 10 October, 2013  14:56
Updated On: Thursday, 10 October, 2013  21:35
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After my responding to the with interest, he wrote this:
I am selling this bike because my battalion has been sent back to Afghanistan and it's time to move on from this one. It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and hasn't been involved in any accident.
I do have the title, clear, under my name.
My 2006 Harley Sportster 1200 Custom only has 4,400 original miles and it definitely shows.
Still available for sale if interested, VIN# : 1HD1CGP126K459240. This is one of the cleanest bikes I have ever seen and honestly it has no evidence of ever being ridden. It is a beautiful pearl white that has a blue tint in certain lighting.
I tried to price it under what I've seen them going for on craigslist, but I need to sell it in the next 2 weeks so I would be willing to let it go for $2200 just to make sure it sells. I hate selling things and have no problem with giving someone a great deal just to get it over with quickly. I would rather sell it fast then wait a month or two trying to squeeze a few hundred more out of it. I don't accept any trades.
Here is a with more pictures :
Let me know if you are interested, email back.
Thank you! Andrew Jenkins.

After my positive response, he sent this:
OK, first you need to know that I'm currently at US Marine Corps New Orleans, LA base, as I'll be changing it for Afghanistan very soon (I hope for the last time). Due to military security reasons I'm restricted from leaving the unit's facility under any purpose and have strictly limited phone access.
Because it's a large transaction, I want to use an authorized third party, Autotrader. As long as I'm dealing with Autotrader and they can ship anywhere in the US, the bike was listed in several states because it increases my chances to get it sold much faster. Shipping won't be a problem, military has a considerable discount, so I can handle it myself with no charges whatsoever on your account. The bike it's already at the Autotrader warehouse in New Orleans (ready for delivery) and it will be sent along with all documents needed for registration, bill of sale and everything else you'll need.
I asked them to allow viewers to go there and inspect the bike but their reply was "We are not a showroom!" in this case, I'll grant you a 5 days inspection period (to test drive it) from the moment you receive it and the option to accept or reject on my expense, before Autotrader releases your money to me. If you are determined in buying, please reply with your full name and complete shipping address, I will forward your info to Autotrader and they will send you the invoice explaining the exact's quite simple.

Thank you! Andrew.

And finally, this:
I have started the Autotrader process!
Autotrader have sent you a separate email confirmation with the payment instructions.
If you haven't received it please check your Junk, Bulk or Spam email folder because this is a very secured email and your email server may reject it.

Now go to a MoneyGram location and send the payment using 10 Minutes Service on
the Autotrader Agent name and address.
You can't complete this payment online you have to physically go to a location .
You will not need more info (like - 4 digit, receiver code) if you fill out the right form for
sending money, just the details bellow.
Can be done at any walmart outlet around you .

Payment address (Autotrader Agent name and address):

Patrick Quinn
419 Northline St
Metairie, LA 70005

Once payment is sent please fax the MoneyGram receipt to the Autotrader center at: +1 (504) 266-0125.
Now I'll wait your reply with the payment confirmation and please let me know if you have received the Autotrader confirmation!

Thank you!

After doing research, everything was off, beginning with the price that was "too good to be true."

I offered to have a friend bring him cash and pick up the bike...still waiting...and waiting...finally I responded with this:

Hello Andrew,
Just wanted to let you know a few things. First, I did the title search, found the bike; however, the last name and location were nowhere near you. Patrick's (if this is even him) address was a mansion, which would make sense being he is a scam artist; but, he also has arrest records, is divorced, and could not afford to pee in that house shown on the map. The main base, which you did not even know the name of is not on Tulane Highway. Fortunately, right there where you are trying to claim you are stationed is a unit called 4th Mar Div NCIS (NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service). Their main boss is CID (Criminal Investigative Division). Both, and Craigslist (although you has conveniently been removed), have been informed of your actions and fraudulent attempts at both portraying a Marine and criminal activity in the sale of a vehicle. Whatever you and your sidekicks are trying to pull - Military Police have been doing their jobs with success for much longer. They will find you! Even though your address puts you in the dive part of town between a boarded up space and a strip joint, they are on your and Patrick Quinn's trails and are very good at their jobs. Between them and a little company called LifeLock my name and assets are in cautionary status. The First time that my information comes up anywhere, the alarm is sounded and someone will be on your trail like white on rice. Shame on you for being you, playing on the sympathy of patriots, portraying military. Shame on you for having to lie, cheat, and steal your way through life. Ever heard the saying, "Karma is a ?" Count on it! Kudos for your stupidity in thinking that you would get a hold of someone as ignorant as you to send money and sit anxiously awaiting a deal that is way too good to be true. What ? If I didn't like it by day four you would refund my money?!...Right! Thanks for being yet another JACK ...translate that in your English dictionary. You should have done your homework. When you heard I was a Marine, you should have gone running from the hills you were spawned from. You are not even Close to being considered Marine material. Lose my name and number you SOB!

So buyers beware, do your research; title search, google map addresses, check reported scams, etc.